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By on February 20, 2018

What exactly is the Scoop 6?
Is this just another lottery?
Is membership really free?

These are the 3 most frequently asked questions I received after my email yesterday morning.

So let’s see if we can clear a few things up…

What exactly is the Scoop 6?

The Scoop 6 is a ‘pool bet’ launched by the Tote in 1999, giving punters the possibility of winning life changing sums of money.

The Scoop 6 comprises three parts; a Win pool and a Place pool and the Bonus.

To get your hands on the Win fund you must pick every winner of the six designated Scoop 6 races.

If you don’t manage this but do have placed horses in all six races, you have won a share of the Place pool and this pot can still be very valuable…

…The record Place pool dividend is over £75K!

Those who have managed to successfully pick all six winners and scooped the Win fund are then given a chance the following week to win the Bonus fund.

Winning the Bonus requires the punter to correctly choose the winner of one selected race the following week (and it’s always a devilishly tricky one!).

If nobody wins a share of the Win pool on any given Saturday, all the money in the pool ‘rolls over’ to the following week and is added to all the new tickets bought that week.

In this way we see the multi-million pound ‘rollover jackpots’ created.

Is this just another lottery?

You’ve actually got a much better chance of winning the Scoop 6! The odds of winning the Lotto are 45 million to 1 and in the Euromillions, 140 million to 1.

Also, the lottery is a game of sheer luck, not one you can influence through form study.

Your odds of winning the Scoop6 are around 28 times better than winning the Euromillions and 10 times better than winning the National Lottery.

In fact, you stand a much greater chance of getting struck by lightning in your lifetime than winning the lottery – at odds of just 12,000/1!

Is membership really free?

Yes. Signing up for membership to PlayScoop6 is completely free and there is no obligation to play.

If you want to play on any given Saturday then you simply have to buy shares which will cost you as little as £12.50.

Your chances of winning big are much better when you join David at PlayScoop6.

He has assembled a team of professionals and trends experts that do all the hard work for you.

And best of all membership is free!

Give yourself a chance of winning big by signing up for free here.

Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket

P.S. There was one other question I was asked a lot yesterday.

But it’s a question that deserves its own email so I’ll cover that tomorrow.




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