You only trick you’ll ever need to keep your bookie accounts open

By on January 22, 2021

The first battle you face when being a punter is the battle to turn a profit.

Once you’ve done that a second battle begins.

The battle to keep your bookmaker accounts open.

Sure there are some services out there that are profitable on Betfair, but a lot of tipsters base their results on prices from BOG bookies.

So having multiple bookmaker accounts is a godsend.

The easiest way to prevent your accounts from being closed is to stop withdrawing money from them.

Instead of withdrawing you want to transfer the money from your bookmaker accounts to your exchange accounts.

The trick to doing this is by placing a back bet with your bookie and a lay bet on Betfair on the same selection. 

It works best on short priced favourites.

Here’s how the blog LayBackandGetRich explain it…
“This approach may sound counter-intuitive (as you will worry that favourites will win), but it is actually a sure-fire way of making losses on your bookmaker account.

After all, the bookies make the bulk of their profits by laying favourites, so it shouldn’t be hard to lose to them by blindly backing anything in the required range.

Plus, if you’re backing favourites or second favourites, you are going to look like the mug punter they so want you to be. And if your short-priced punt does come home in front, you’re likely to win such small amounts (relative to your stake) that your bookie is likely to let matters run, sure in the knowledge that your mug punter behaviour will soon find you out.

All you do is use a site like Oddschecker, combined with a separate Betfair window, and find back-and-lay options where the lay odds at Betfair are equal to the backing odds at the bookies. Then lay your horse/team/whatever at Betfair for the same (or lower) odds as those on offer at the bookmakers, for a sum equal to the backing stake.

If your selection wins, you will finish level, or possibly even ahead if you got better odds at the bookies. And if it loses, you will be down by the amount of your Betfair commission: typically £2.50 on a £50 stake, which is, I feel, a price worth paying to put the smile back on a long-suffering bookmaker’s face!”


This may seem like a lot of effort but, trust me, this is a good problem to have. And it’s definitely worth it when you’re making four figures every year from betting.

Plus, now that you can get 2% Betfair commission this method is even more financially viable.

Of course to be in need of this method you need to be making a profit from your betting.

One way to do that is by following the bets that Quentin Franks recommends.

He’s been averaging £201.95 profit a month since July 2014.

And if you follow him for long enough you will definitely get to the point where you want to withdraw some money from your bookmaker accounts by using the method above

You can trial Quentin’s service for a couple of quid here.

Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket