This one definitely looked iffy…

By on September 28, 2017

From the replies I received to yesterday’s email it seems that everyone is in agreement with the 10 day ban for jockey Nicola Currie being harsh.

It seemed she just made a mistake in-running and hopefully the ban will be reduced on appeal.

The rules are in place to stop jockeys cheating and we’ve all seen very questionable rides in the past.

One that I missed occurred a couple of weeks ago and newsletter reader Jim was very, very angry at it.

The jockey in question was Paddy Aspell and he was riding Jacob Black at Musselburgh on 17th September.

According to the stewards enquiry the horse was “tenderly ridden” and finished sixth of seven.

It started slowly and never really got going.

Kenny Johnson, the trainer, said he was dissatisfied with the ride and the jockey was banned for 10 days.

Having looked at a clip of the race it looks iffy to say the least.

The horse has nearly always led from the front.

And for its last win it made all.

The horse had a visor on for the first time and was running at what tends to be a pace favouring track.

The trainer’s evidence to the stewards would appear to suggest he wanted the horse ridden forward in the first time headgear.

Yet there appeared no attempt to ride this horse forward, and was ‘happy’ to drop several lengths back.

And then there’s the Betfair data.

But the main suspicious thing is, according to Jim, it drifted from around 5 on Betfair to around 40 at one point.


Maybe, and I guess we’ll never know.

Say the jockey did lose the race on purpose? How much would he have made in monetary terms?

And how much will he lose in monetary terms due to a 10 day ban?

Can the BHA do any more?

They already liaise with Betfair on these matters so I’m not sure what else they can do.

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