This is such a poor excuse…

By on January 29, 2020

Over the past few days I’ve been getting the same question asked again and again so I thought I’d answer it in today’s newsletter.

The question…

“Does trading need lots of time?”

Betfair football trading takes a bit more time than betting – of course it does – but you get so much more control over your money that a bit of effort is well worth putting in. 

An experienced trader will be able to reduce losses and increase profits which makes trading significantly more profitable overall than set-and-forget betting could ever be.

Let’s be honest though, trading really doesn’t take too long at all. 

I mean, an entire football match is only 90 minutes and many Betfair trading techniques focus on either the first or second half only which immediately cuts that in half. 

You can login to Goal Profits at half-time during midweek, research the matches with favourable half-time scores using Team Stats and open a trade or two before the second halves even kick off.

Once your trading position is open, what do you have to do anyway? You’re usually waiting on a goal, so you can easily go watch TV, read a book or do some housework. 

A score site such as Flashscore will tell you when a goal goes in, then you can tend to your trade. You can even download the Flashscore app to your phone and go outside to wash the car. With Betfair on your phone, you might not even need to come back inside the house!

“I don’t have time to trade” is such a poor excuse, yet I hear it all the time from those looking for a reason to make quitting acceptable.

If you really want to be successful at trading and you’re not going to quit but find a way to make it work for you then I highly recommend taking up the week’s trial to Goal Profits.

It was voted the most profitable service of 2019 by readers of this newsletter so they must be doing something right!

You can get your trial here.

Take care,
Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket