This is absolute sacrilege as far as I’m concerned…

By on October 10, 2021
A couple more quirky sports stories that caught my eye this week…

Well, actually this first one isn’t really sports related but it gave me a good chuckle so I wanted to share.

David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn, was on NBC’s Today Show over in America in a cookery segment.

(No I’m not sure why either).

He was showcasing a Great British classic that his great-grandmother taught him.

So what British culinary feast did he wow America with?

Beef Wellington? Maybe a Shepherd’s Pie?

No, it was a bacon, egg and sausage sandwich!

The sad thing is, he couldn’t even do that properly.

His cardinal sin?

Purposefully breaking the yolk of the eggs in the pan.

Absolute sacrilege as far as I’m concerned!

It’s quite possibly the most pointless segment in morning television history.

You can enjoy the fun here and watch how hilariously serious the presenters take it.
In other news Troy Deeney, the ex-Watford striker, has just launched his memoir and it’s sure to be a cracking read.

It’s certainly not going to be snoozefest as so many of them are.

To say he’s had an interesting life is an understatement.

Here’s an example of an anecdote regarding his father picking him up after training.

Bear in mind that Troy’s dad had neither a car nor a driving license at the time…

“He had the music turned up loud and everything was cool and we chatted about the game.

Then we stopped to get petrol. The music went off and I heard this banging coming from behind.

“Don’t worry about that,” he said.

“Look” he said, “there’s someone in there but I’m going to drop him off in a bit. He owes my pal some money so I’ve taken him on a little journey for the day.

“I’ve fed him and that and he’s fine. We’ll drop him off later and I bet he pays.””

I think that’s one of the lighter anecdotes in the book so it’s sure to be a powerful read that I’m looking forward to checking out.

If you’re into your autobiographies I’d recommend it.

More quirky sports stories next Sunday.
I got it wrong yesterday.

This free video actually comes down tonight.

In it, the man behind Venom ratings shows you his 4 step process for picking winners.

It’s an interesting one and it looks very profitable.

Check it out here.

Enjoy your Sunday,Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket