Read this if you’re a trading newbie (your success depends on it)

By on January 26, 2020

I’ve been receiving a flood of questions regarding Goal Profits but one sticks out more than most.

The gist of the question is:

“I’m very interested in Goal Profits but I have never traded before. I really want to make a go of this but I’m worried it’s all going to be a bit overwhelming.”

It’s a great question really.

Shows you are thinking ahead rather than just diving in to yet another new service.

I hear this used to be a bit of a problem when the service first went live. There’s a ton of info within the membership area that can easily be overwhelming to a newbie.

But Kevin and Steve are not ones to rest on their laurels.

And so they created a training program called Launchpad.

I’ll let Steve (co-founder of Goal Profits) explain what it is in his own words:


“Launchpad is a football trading course which introduces the trading tools one by one and teaches complete beginners how to build and operate their own portfolio of systems.

It is completely free for all Goal Profits members (fully updated for 2019) and immediately transformed the fortunes of a number of members who had previously been falling short of their trading goals.”


When you sign up this will be your first port of call.

It will explain everything you need to get started and is a godsend for beginners. (Even seasoned traders will want to start here).

So my advice is not too worry too much about being overwhelmed and don’t let that hold you back.

Remember readers of this newsletter voted this as the service that made them the most profits last year.

So get your week’s trial, check out Launchpad and start making some money. 

(But don’t forget to start small. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.)

You can get a week’s trial to Goal Profits here.

Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket