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By on March 30, 2017

Lots of good feedback from my email this morning.

It seems the majority of readers are taking the long term approach which is good to see.

I wanted to share an email I received from Sheila as I think it contains some valuable advice.

Sheila says…

“I despair of people like Alex.

I will normally decide which tipsters to subscribe to long term and which to give a fair trial to based on whether the service suits my betting system.

For example, if I discover that it’s based on trading/laying or dutching, not my scene, and prefer to go for quality rather than quantity, also not normally an EW better, so forget it.

I’m happy to back up to 10 bets from different outlooks, across horses and footy, but if I find after 2-3 weeks that a tipster hasn’t supplied a single winner out of 20+ tips, I get worried and will generally remove from my portfolio; don’t care if he then comes up with 4 winners in a row.

There are plenty out there who are winning for me so I can more or less guarantee that most days I at least break even.

Of course there are losing runs, but they tend to balance out in the long run and where one or two tipsters are going through a bad patch, others are usually doing well.

Of course, Cheltenham was a nightmare week for most tipsters and punters, but I always expect to do badly at Cheltenham, so no great surprise!

Maybe I’m stupid and naive and expect overall to make a decent ROI, but isn’t that why we’re in the game of investing in horses, dogs, footy or whatever it may be.

But let’s give the poor tipsters a break – they are expected to be perfect 365 days a year and if punters can’t see that that’s impossible they should get out of the game.

The best horse in the world can waken up one day and feel that she isn’t in the mood to go for a run, jumping all those irritating fences etc.

You have days like that, why shouldn’t an animal?

Hope this grouch helps and encourages others currently going through a bad patch – hope it soon ends.

Mine lasted 2 weeks or so, but touch wood seems to be coming out of the doldrums. Regards and best wishes. Sheila.”

Thanks again to Sheila for that great email.

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Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket

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