Q&A with the man behind our favourite service of 2021

By on July 20, 2022

We always like to meet the man behind the curtain here at Tipster Supermarket.

And by that, I mean introduce you to a tipster and let him tell you about his methods.

It can be a bit soulless to simply receive an email everyday with a list of bets to place. It’s much better to know a bit more about the person behind the tips and their methodology for picking them.

So with that said, here’s part one of a two-part interview we did with Peter Gordon, (the man behind Each Way Outsiders) earlier this year.

Q: First off, congrats on winning our gold medal award for best horse racing tipster of 2021. Would you start by telling us a little about yourself and your background?
What attracted you to the horse racing betting world and what do you enjoy most about the sport?

A: First of all I feel very honoured to have been given this title and was totally unexpected so many thanks.

I am just a bloke in his fifties who is essentially sports mad but what may surprise people is that much as I like horse racing it is some way down my list of favourite sports to be honest and I often feel this actually works to my advantage which may surprise many.

 My main sports loves are football and cricket with probably Formula 1, boxing and then horse racing a little bit way down that list.

Why is this an advantage?

 Well, once you get totally engrossed in just one sport you tend to start reading everything you can and taking on opinions from many many different angles.

With horse racing and betting on this sport (as I found in the early days) this can mean ten different experts telling you the expected result of a race and everyone of them appearing to make perfect sense as to why such and such a horse will win that race.

It can be a nightmare for a punter but also put serious doubts in the mind of tipsters who read it and you can easily start to question your own choices.

Q: How do you go about picking your selections? Are you an avid form reader, more a stats man or a bit of both?

A: Bit of both really and without wanting to reveal my system totally I am happy to give you a brief outline.

I go through every card every evening, usually around 6.00 when majority of prices have been released.

I have three sites I use for a mixture of prices and various information on horses, jockeys, prices, expected going etc.

I have used two of these sites since day one but the third was added last April and has been very useful but I am always on the look out for improving what I do.

These sites are not looked at for giving me tips, just relevant information.

I will tend to dismiss races below 8 runners straight away with my selections being each way.

My whole ethos is finding horses that have potential to out run their odds.

The key word here is potential here and sometimes they will finish last as the improvement I was hoping for did not materialise.

Many aspects are used to form the opinion that this horse can improve and its usually things I think the bookies have perhaps missed when pricing up.

The devil as they say is in the detail.

Just a few examples may be…

  • Cheek pieces added or refitted.
  • Last time out ran well but got bumped or no run.
  • Horse always does better in past at right handed course but last time was left handed.
  • Moved stable that has a great record for improvement and first time out.
  • Ground really didn’t suit last time out when looking at record.

The list goes on and on but hopefully that gives you an idea.

Key being is there a reason this horse’s odds should be shorter than currently priced up that gives us an edge on the market.

I am basically looking for something I feel the bookmakers probably haven’t taken into account when pricing up.

I find the three sites I use can give me generally the relevant information I need to find these value selections

I will also not deny I have some connections in the industry and some of my bets but not a high percentage come from these sources but I still try to do my homework on them.

So ends the first part of the interview. We’ll carry on tomorrow.

2022 is carrying on in the same vein as 2021, with big priced winners and a lot of profit.

Here’s the monthly breakdown for the year so far:

Jan 2022: -85.00
Feb 2022: 48.80
Mar 2022: -38.40
Apr 2022: 102.60
May 2022: 20.00
Jun 2022: 104.60
Jul 2022: -2.20

Total: 150.40 points profit.

We’ll carry on with the Q&A tomorrow.

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Until tomorrow,
Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket