“Not interested in tennis betting d*ckhead. Most corrupt sport out there.”

By on September 27, 2019

I got trolled yesterday by a newsletter reader called Richard who had this to say…

“Not interested in tennis betting d*ckhead. Most corrupt sport out there.”

Now whilst the language and tone was clearly unnecessary it got me thinking about corruption in sport.

It’s certainly true that tennis has had its fair share of match fixing scandals.

But that doesn’t put me off for two reasons.

Firstly I think the matches affected by fixing are a very small percentage of the overall total.

And secondly, in my opinion, almost every sport has some corruption within it’s ranks in one form or another.

Take horse racing for example.

One of the most notorious instances of alleged race fixing involved six-time Champion Jockey, Kieran Fallon. He was arrested in September 2004 on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud Betfair customers. His fellow jockeys, Darren Williams and Fergal Lynch were also charged.

How many more have slipped under the radar?

Plus we all know trainers purposefully run their horses in races that don’t suit to get a better handicap rating. Is this corruption? Possibly.

And you can easily find examples of cheating/corruption in other sports as well.

Football also has a problem with match fixing. 

Most famously in 2013, four Nigerian soccer clubs got 10-year bans, with the players banned for life. Even Arsene Wenger commented on it, saying that while his team had always played clean, they often met teams not “in that frame of mind”.

Cricket has also been dogged by allegations of match-fixing. 

In 2013, two of the IPL’s eight teams suspended. Dozens of people, including players and team officials, were arrested and later charged for illegal betting and match fixing. And who can forget sandpapergate that led to three Aussies, including captain Steve Smith, being banned for a year.

Even snooker has been plagued with allegations of corruption since the late 1980s. 

Stephen Lee is the latest player to be given a career-ending ban after he was found guilty of match-fixing in what officials say is “the worst case of snooker corruption we’ve seen.”

Wherever there’s betting on sport someone will try to take advantage by cheating the system.

But, in my opinion, the vast majority of matches and races are clean, with people trying their best to win.

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