Let’s do a bit of a deep dive into the results of the Bet Sage tipster service

By on May 8, 2022

Let’s start with the basics…

Here are the monthly point profit totals since the service launched:

December 2019: 59.9
January 2020: 18.3
February 2020: 138.38
March 2020: 177.49

April 2020: -6.12
May 2020: 13.15
June 2020: 35.8
July 2020: 15.76
August 2020: 33.92
September 2020: 19.29

October 2020: -10.81
November 2020: 29.36
December 2020: 28.51
January 2021: 27.4
February 2021: 31.2
March 2021: 130.18

April 2021: -15.27
May 2021: 27.26
June 2021: -21.68
July 2021: 19.49
August 2021: -40.64
September 2021: 37.14
October 2021: 30.61

November 2021: -9.13
December 2021: 1.31
January 2022: 8.74
February 2022: 14.26
March 2022: 40.82
April 2022: 60.78
Total: 895.40

With stakes totalling 2459.25 since the service began this means a very healthy ROI of 36%.

The full spreadsheet of results dating all the way back to December 2019 is available on their site here.

Those of you that have already taken a look at the results will notice that this tipster stakes varying amounts of each selection.

Nothing wrong with that of course. 

Nothing wrong with staking more on a selection if you have more confidence in it.

But I know this makes some punters suspicious (and quite rightly).

Sometimes tipsters will stake up to 10 points on a bet and you can help but feel that this is just a way of inflating the profits.

So let me put you at ease.

The average stake for the selections from Bet Sage is just 1.88 points. So there’s no crazy staking going on here.

My advice?

If you’re usually a £10 bettor, simply stake £5 a point when using this service.

Looking into the results further…

I know some punters just like to place flat 1 point bets on each selection from a service.

Again, nothing wrong with that. It keeps things nice and easy.

If you had done that with Bet Sage from the very beginning, you would have made, on average, £160 a month profit.

And that’s a great income from betting considering there are only 1 to 2 selections a day on average.

You can see why we value this service so highly. It’s a great addition to any portfolio.

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, then take a 14 day free trial here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket