Is your tipster as detailed as this?

By on January 9, 2020

How often has a tipster given you a full run down of why there isn’t a bet that day?

I’m struggling to think of one.

That is until I came across Snowy.

He gives more information on no bet days than most tipsters give when explaining their actual selections.

For example this is the message Snowy sent to members this morning:


“The impression I got, when first looking at today’s racing was, I wasn’t sure whether I should get involved or not and after lots of studying, form analysing, price checking, I was still scratching my head going to bed last night. 
 After another early check, I was still unsure what to do, first thing this morning, but that has all changed in the last few hours and dramatically so. 
The reasons for me advising NO BETS once again today, are simple and as follows.

Both UK tracks have endured plenty of overnight rain, more than expected it seems, so much so, that Leicester has been forced to abandon their meeting, due to waterlogging. 
I need not mention anything there now, even if I did have a little plan in my mind. 
Catterick has survived the overnight rain, but the ground is now soft, having been good before I got my head down last night. 
That is a big change in conditions and will have a big effect on the racing there this afternoon. 
All those entered, are best served by good ground, or slightly slower, not the conditions they are likely to encounter later. 
If I had an option up here, which I can’t honestly say I did (1 or 2 rags did cross my mind), then I have changed my views anyway, simply because of the rain. 
I will give the meeting a complete swerve now. 
For what it’s worth, I will run through the feature up at Catterick, but placing a bet in the contest, is not something I will be doing, not with these naughty boys entered.

The feature is the 2:40, the North Yorkshire Grand National, which will be run over 3m6f. 
Basically, most of the 8 entrants want a decent surface, so I’m not convinced they will all face the starter even. 
The favourite Little Bruce handles the mud (possibly better on a drier surface) and looks the horse to beat, as he is a tough consistent sort, unlike most of his rivals. 
At 9/4, he is no value, so I cannot suggest him. 
Milansbar needs soft ground to show his best form, but this 13yo has not exactly shone in the last year or so and if he can’t have his own way up front, then like a few others in here, he might spit the dummy out and decide to look after himself, rather than try too hard. 
The other pace setters, with errant ways like him are Kingswell Theatre and Pickamix, though the latter can actually be held up (and just about handle some cut) but is about as unpredictable as any horse on the scene at the moment. 
Pickamix could win this, if in the mood, but putting your trust in him, is much the same as trusting your average politician. 
Milansbar, Kingswell Theatre and Pickamix, all seem happiest when dictating their own pace, so something has to give and the jolly Little Bruce will be harassing the pace setters on top of that as well. 
Sumkindofking would have been interesting on good ground, but soft has to be a concern for him and his followers now, that’s not to mention the rider (trainer’s son), who’s last winner was 12 rides and 285 days ago. 
Brian Boranha and Chase The Wind will be inconvenienced by the rain, though the first named, just might handle it a bit better than most, but he has his quirks. 
Speaking of quirky characters, we all remember Manwell don’t we? 
Well the Equine version is a bit of a character himself. 
He has not run beyond 3m (tried that trip once) and not won beyond 2m3f, so you are guessing with him in all honesty. 
Fawlty Towers may beckon for him once more, Fawlty race this is, full of dodgy characters, unpredictable villains, too many imponderables, just like the rest of the meeting here, so I have only one thing to say…

NO BETS TODAY (3 things sorry)

See you tomorrow.”


No wonder Snowy is a professional gambler!

His attention to detail is second to none and there’s always something to be learnt from his daily emails.

Even if there isn’t a bet.

If you’d like to place the same bets as a professional sign up for your trial here.

Take care,
Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket