Is Ruby worse than the others? (the stats are in…)

By on February 14, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an email lamenting Ruby Walsh’s propensity for falling at the last.

It’s a debate that rages amongst punters and Kevin Blake has actually written a piece for At The Races about this very subject.

He compared Ruby’s data with the data of nine other leading jockeys.

And the results were startling.

The average ‘fall/unseat’ rate of the other nine jockeys was 4.18%.

Ruby’s is 5.27%.

The average ‘fall/unseat at the final obstacle’ rate of the other nine jockeys was 0.69%.

Ruby’s is 1.5%

The average ‘fall/unseat at the final obstacle when leading’ rate of the other nine jockeys was 0.15%.

Ruby’s is 0.59%

So whilst the percentages are small the evidence is pretty damning.

Ruby falls 25% more often than the other nine jockeys on average.

He falls just over twice as often as the other top jockeys at the final fence.

And he falls almost 4 times as often at the final fence when leading!

As I said these are pretty damning statistics and my heart will always be in my mouth when Ruby is leading at the last on a horse I’ve backed.

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