How to make Betfair pay you £150 per month…

By on April 15, 2022

If you want to make an average monthly income of almost £150 from Betfair then this service is for you.

The service is called Cotswold Racing.

And since it was launched in February 2020, it has averaged £143.89 to BSP to just £10 per point stakes.

(Average of 1 point per selection).

With Cotswold there’s no more worrying about having your account closed. And no more searching around for the best odds.

Just get the selections, head over to Betfair and place the bets.

Easy peasy.

Here are the monthly results since launch (to £10 stakes)…

Feb 2020: -£211.88
Mar 2020: £126.34
Jun 2020: £276.17
Jul 2020: £368.07
Aug 2020: £257.05

Sep 2020: -£78.83
Oct 2020: -£382.68
Nov 2020: -£137.87
Dec 2020: -£212.41
Jan 2021: £130.11
Feb 2021: £59.96
Mar 2021: £534.03
Apr 2021: £160.96
May 2021: £152.26
Jun 2021: £541.40
Jul 2021: £54.17
Aug 2021: £364.89
Sep 2021: £132.56
Oct 2021: £300.69
Nov 2021: £241.09
Dec 2021: £752.88
Jan 2022: £334.12
Feb 2022: £15.31
Mar 2022: £133.97

Average monthly profit: £143.89

As you can see he is on an unbelievable run.

He puts a lot of work into his analysis which really shines through when you read his very detailed reasoning for each selection.

And of course this is reflected in the results.

This is a very professional tipster service that I’m more than happy to give the Tipster Supermarket seal of approval.

If you’re looking for a service that makes money on Betfair then you’ve just found one.

Read all about Cotswold Racing here.

Use the discount code COTSWOLD2299 to get one month for £22.99 instead of the usual £34.99.

Or use the discount code COTSWOLD55 to get three months for £55 instead of the usual £87.50.

(I highly advise the latter option as you’ll be paying less than £19 a month, but of course it’s up to you).

Any questions just give me a shout.

Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket