How a professional gambler would improve the handicapping system

By on January 6, 2020

Below is the third and final part of the Q & A with Phil Griffiths AKA Snowy – The NH Specialist.

Let’s crack on:

Q – The racing industry is often criticised for having too many races and poor quality meetings with insufficient prize monies to encourage entries etc. Is there anything that you would like to see changed within the horse racing industry and why?
A – I’m not into the politics of the sport to be honest & it’s hard to see where to get funding for the average meeting. 
I will leave that to the more intelligent people to work out but the jumpers do seem to suffer more & it’s an expensive game to be an owner as I have found out. 
Perhaps entrance fees at racecourses could be made cheaper, especially midweek & offer better quality catering perhaps that the usual rubbish served from vans. 
The industry probably needs to look at something like this to attract people through the gates. It can be an expensive day out for a group to go racing & what do you get for your money!! 
 One thing I would like to do on a racing front is change the handicapping system as I think it can be ridiculous sometimes.
Perhaps a system similar to the cricket one of Duckworth Lewis, if anyone can work that out, as I don’t think the current one run by the offices that be is fair to quite a lot of horses at times. 
No doubt Phil Smith would disagree but for me it seems the higher rated horses just creep up in the weights but those towards the bottom end, take silly huge hikes. 
It’s a matter of opinion at the end of the day but I think should be structured better & be clearer for those involved in keeping the game rolling on a day to day basis, ie- owners & trainers, who basically need to be treated a little fairer I feel.

Q – What about the gambling industry, is there anything you like to see changed there? Many website forums are full of criticisms of the bookmakers and their treatment of their customers? Is this something you have an opinion on?
A – Bookmakers – The only 10 letter swear word in the dictionary. 
Everyone I know, that I call a punter, is struggling to get a bet on these days & accounts can last months, weeks, days & sometimes only hours now. 
They are pathetic & want it all their own way. Line them up I say. 
One thing I detest is their advertising. We are offering this or that & falling over each other to get mug punters on board with them. 
Makes my blood boil. Stop them doing that & keep them off the racing channels as well. 
Whatever they are saying can be taken with a pinch of salt. All they are these days is greedy accountants with no intention of laying a decent bet to anyone other than somebody marking their cards for them. 
Go into a betting shop & all you will see are people playing their BOTS & they will let you lose a fortune on them. 
Yet you try & take a price in a horse race later that day for a few quid & you will probably get the 3rd degree. 

Q – What do you do to relax and unwind? What interests have you outside the world of horse racing?
A – I like to go walking whenever possible. 
Got to unwind & get away from total horse racing takeover or I will go bonkers. 
I like most sports on the box, like to cook a bit & dine out when possible for a treat once in a while. 
Generally, peace & tranquillity in the Welsh countryside, is where I’m happiest outside of racing.

Many thanks to Phil for his detailed answers over the past few days.

I hope that has given you an insight into the man behind the service – I wish more tipsters would do this!

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