Here’s how Tim became a professional trader (even with a heavy schedule)

By on January 30, 2020

Yesterday I wrote about the the myth that trading takes a lot of time. 

And today’s email will be on a similar theme.

But today I actually want to give you a specific example of a member of the Goal Profits community who was time poor but still made trading work for him.

When Tim became a Goal Profits member, he wanted to trade full-time but worked crazy hours and had numerous family commitments. 

He could have claimed not to have enough time but, instead of giving up, he found ways to make football trading work.

He now helps other Goal Profits members reach their trading goals, offering support and advice. 

Here is some advice they have for others who want to learn how to trade football, while time-poor.

Here’s Tim…

“I am a family man, have two kids and am married. 

My son is very active in sports, plays club cricket and football and when I first started trading I ran a sports travel business with two others so time was very limited indeed.

What helped me was to find a way of reducing the workload. I created my shortlist; which is now available in the Goal Profits Members Area under ‘Tim’s Shortlists’. 

It allowed me to immediately save time and whittle down a very long list of fixtures to a handful very quickly. 

I only concentrated on certain leagues and a handful of strategies. I only traded correct score strategies when I knew I had the time to be able to concentrate fully and wouldn’t be distracted.

I did a lot of my research late at night when the kids and my wife had gone to bed (she loves her sleep!) so I knew a day in advance exactly what games would be of interest to me the following day. This would very rarely take much longer than an hour a night. 

If I knew I would not be able to trade the games the following day then I would still keep a record of them so I could look back and evaluate how my filters, selections and strategies were doing.

The biggest thing that hit home to me was that in order to make a success of this I did not need to be glued to my PC all day every day. 

Take an average month; if I could trade just twenty days out of the month and make an average profit of just 0.5pt per day then that would give me a monthly profit of 10pts.

I very rarely traded correct score trades and concentrated more on the strategies that Kevin created which are almost set-and-forget. 

In the early days, the FH00 strategy was a particular favourite of mine as I could set that up and leave it to run whilst out and about.

The thing I love about trading is it is so flexible you can fit it in around whatever lifestyle you have.”


Tim left his job in November 2015 and became a full-time trader. 

If he can do it with such a heavy schedule, anyone can.

If you want to use the same tools that he did to earn enough to leave his job then take up a week’s trial to Goal Profits here.

Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket