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By on September 21, 2017

Not as many shocks in the Rumbelows/Coca Cola/Carling/Whatever Cup this week.

Leeds and Bristol City both beat Premier League clubs but Liverpool were the only “big” team to go out.

Once again it was their defense that let them down and Klopp wasn’t a happy chappy…

“We played really good football in the first half and should have decided the game early.
Football is a 90 minute game and the goals we conceded are a second ball from a corner and a throw in again.
I’m sick of this.
As long as we concede goals like today then it’s quite difficult.
When we concede goals like this it makes me really sick.”


He can whinge all he wants but it’s his job to sort it out and until he does I can’t see Liverpool competing for any silverware.

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