By on February 2, 2021
Reader Neil makes a great point regarding our battle against the affordability checks proposed by the Government.
“One thing that the government seems to be ignoring here:

If you have an account at a bookmaker, they can track every betting transaction you make, they know what you bet on, what your deposit, win and loss patterns are. 

As an individual, you can get this information from your account at any time.

If you are a successful bettor, the bookmakers quickly close down or limit your betting, because obviously, they are not making any money out of you. 

(I do wonder if they claim your winnings as “losses” for tax relief purposes!).

If you are an unsuccessful bettor, always losing, and constantly depositing money to chase losses, the bookmakers can see this.

What the government need to do is to force bookmakers to act in the same way as they act when faced with a successful bettor. 

It is plainly obvious for a bookmaker to see someone is spending more than they can probably afford when they are losing heavily.

There is no need for “affordability checks” as proposed, only legislation to make sure bookmakers are actually abiding by their “duty of care” to their customers.

I have reflected this in my response to the consultation.

I have also forwarded the consultation details to somebody I know who works with charities dealing with gambling addicts, as I also think the charities can have a powerful voice in shaping consultation. 

If you have ever dealt with a gambling addict, affordability checks will do nothing to deter someone from gambling. 

(I mention this specifically to distinguish from your other reader’s “few idiots who cannot control their gambling”, as there are genuine people who recognise they have a habit and need support to break it, and the “few idiots” who do not recognise that they are addicted).”

Great stuff!

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