Fancy a 70% discount on an exclusive service? Here you go…

By on January 29, 2021

This service has been quietly pulling in, on average, 14 points profit a month for the past twenty-two months.

That’s a very tasty £140 to £10 per point stakes.

We have been monitoring it for a full year, after it was first drawn to our attention by our friends at Cleeve Racing.

But frustratingly, Martin, the man behind the service, was happy to keep it exclusive and it wasn’t available to the wider betting public.

Thankfully Martin has had a change of heart.

And now, finally, it is coming out of the underground and into YOUR hands.

The service picks huge winners (up to 125/1!) and is a lot of fun to follow.

But more importantly, it’s very profitable.

Over the past four years it has pulled in over 400 points profit, so it’s been averaging over 100 points profit a year.

To £10 per point stakes, that means you’re pulling in over a grand a year.

Fancy some of the action?

If so, get your name down here.

They’re currently offering a launch special. So you can trial the service with a 70% discount.

But this discount will only be around for a few days.

Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket