Big day today (12.4 BSP winner yesterday)

By on August 19, 2017

A big response to my email yesterday regarding bookmaker Geoff Banks complaining to the Gambler’s Commission regarding matched betting.

Unsurprisingly most of you agree with me.

However I did get an email from one newsletter reader saying I had dones Geoff a disservice.

This reader explained that Geoff is one of the good guys and often rails against the bad practices of the mainstream bookmakers on his blog.

So I thought I’d take a look at his website.

In his latest blog post he does indeed heavily criticise the big bookmakers.

He writes…

“They can advertise prices on any event and not lay them to each or any of their customers if they want to.

There’s no acceptable lay to lose minimum. It’s available to selected individuals only.

Essentially  they can adopt an unsustainable pricing policy and remain untackled by regulator, or government.

Advertising odds, yet not undertaking to lay those odds to every customer on their books, not to guarantee to lay that price to everyone on their books, for as long as they hold that price.

To selectively manage who gets a bet, and who does not, which at the very least is surely a serious issue for trading standards under every law, and honour, that I understand.”

So far so good. I’m sure most of us would agree with these sentiments.

He then goes all nostalgic on us and begins lauding the practices of his father…

“Most of you know I grew up racing with John Banks, my Father.

Were I to tell you in all the time I raced with him he never turned down a single offered wager, would you believe that?

That he never chastised any customer for winning. Ever.”

Very noble if true.

But the more he goes on the more I realise he isn’t on our side at all.

Instead it’s clear that he is simply annoyed that the biggest bookmakers are better at fleecing punters than he is.

He’s angry at the number of gambling adverts on the TV (presumably because he can’t afford to run his own).

He’s angry at free bet offers (presumably because he can’t afford to give out such generous offers).

He’s angry at the FOBT’s in shops (presumably because he has no shop so doesn’t make any money from them).

He even says…

“Racing also has sold its very soul to big betting.”

Again I’m sure most of us would agree with that.

But then one paragraph shows his true nature. It’s one that shows exactly whose side he is one…

“Here’s the rub. Does my firm restrict some customers?  Yes, a small proportion of my customers must be.

And why? Because some of them unquestionably try to cheat and defraud my business, operating multiple accounts, imagining that it isn’t a clear fraud, utilising clever trading and expensive software to scalp my website for arbitrage and so forth.”

And there we have it.

That’s a far cry from his father never turning gown a wager isn’t it?

It’s always the same old excuses from bookmakers.

Labeling those who are restricted or banned as arbers or fraudsters who deserve to be banned.

It’s nonsense.

They ban winning customers because they make no money from them.

We all know it.

And Geoff Banks is no different, no matter how he tries to paint himself as a white knight.

He wants to be able to fleece his customers just like the biggest bookmakers, he’s just annoyed that they are better at it than he is.

Onto happier and more profitable news…

There’s lots of interest in the Smart Money Punter system and I’ve had a lot of requests for daily results roundups.

It was a big day yesterday for the system with some fantastic results (biggest winner was 12.4 BSP).

Here’s a full list of results.

Today’s another big day for racing and I’ve found that Saturday is the most profitable day for using the system.

If you’re interested you can read all about it here.

Take care,
Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket

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