Are jockeys stupid?

By on February 1, 2018

We’ve all had races where we blame the jockey for a losing bet.

And we’ve probably all thought that question… “Are jockeys stupid?”… at one time or another.

Whether it will be them leaving it too late to make a charge to the front, hugging the wrong side of the rail etc.

If you’ve ever thought that yourself then you may want to begin using newsletter reader Rhys’s “3 cross strategy”.

He puts a lot of stock in the jockey and he wrote in yesterday with his strategy.

Rhys says…

“One rule of thumb, the jockey has to be in my top 20.

For the last year and a half I have scored jockeys with a no nonsense 3 crosses.

If they lose and they really should have won its a cross and they have two more chances.

When a jockey has the 3 crosses and you really like the horse it’s just tough, because that jockey has 3 crosses and guess what?!… You really must have liked the mounts he was on before but he didn’t win.

This comes with a new leaf for the next season, where all crosses are erased and they get their chance again.

Graham Lee and Tom Eaves had the 3 crosses last season and now they are in my top 20 this season.

Jockey is at least a 30% make up of a horses ability to win a race.

Just remember a horse needs guidance and also a jockey can GET a horse beat.

So we aren’t just betting on the horse you’re putting your hard earned cash on a jockey as well.”

A very interesting comment there and one we can all learn one thing from…

Attention to detail!

Study something in more detail than the rest of the market and you’ll have found an edge.

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Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket




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