Alan Potts reveals the best way to generate the sort of profits needed to make a living

By on January 5, 2020

Following on from Snowy’s staking advice earlier I was reminded of some similar advice from another professional gambler, Alan Potts.

Alan is best known for his book, Against The Crowd, but it’s his comments in his autobiography on staking that I found interesting.

Alan says…

“My own approach for the last twenty five years has been to operate mainly using a standard stake, deviating either side of that based on my level of confidence in the bet. 
Of course there have also been occasions when my stake has been limited by the reality of how much it’s possible to get on at
the price I wanted. 
To put that in terms of points, my normal stake would be 5 pts, with over 90% of my bets falling between 3pts and 8pts.

But a few times each year (hopefully), I’d be looking at a bet where my level of confidence was much higher than normal. 
For those, I’d be willing to push my stake up to a maximum of 20 pts. 
And this is where instinct very much takes over, looking at a bet and almost ‘knowing’ it’s going to win. 
Of course, you can’t actually know that, but at the very least, it’s a feeling of being offered a price that is a long way out of line with your own assessment of a race.

The other aspect of this is the willingness to go for the big win on horses at longer odds.
I suspect most punters reading this will have had the experience of backing a 16/1 winner and knowing afterwards that they should have made more money, but lacked the confidence to stake high at that sort of price. 
Inevitably bets at big odds produce losing runs, but as with the twenty pointers, they are the best way generate the sort of profits needed to make a living.”

Very similar advice to that of Snowy’s.

(Isn’t it funny how the professionals all stick to similar principles?)

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