Absolute madness

By on August 4, 2017

The biggest story of the week in the world of football is of course Neymar’s £198 million transfer from Barcelona to PSG.

To put that into perspective the transfer fee is higher than the actual value of some prestigious European clubs such as Lazio, PSV and Marseille.

(Though it’s very questionable how it’s being funded.)

I know some football pundits think he’s worth it.

But silly season is getting sillier every year.

Premier League clubs have spent over £1bn this summer and are expected to break the £1.165bn record set last summer.

It’s madness in my opinion and can’t continue.

Surely the bubble has to burst sometime?

At the moment it seems football is awash with cash and it’s time for us to take some for ourselves.

This week I’ve signed up with football expert Alistair Widdop and he claims to be able to turn £25 into £500 in just seven bets.

That seems like a lot of fun to me!

The bets begin tomorrow so if you’d like to join me sign up here today.

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Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket

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