"Is This The Betting Holy Grail Or Just Another Scam?"


Thursday, February 16th, 2017

From the desk of Stuart Oakley
Re: Elite Ratings System 

Dear Friend, 

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you asked yourself that question when you come across a new tipster?

I bet it's more than a few right?

Now, I could sit here and tell you I'm different.

Tell you that I have a track record of success that goes back over 3 years.

A track record that includes pulling in over 1000 points profit for my members. 

But I want to do one better than that.

Rather than me telling you how great I think I am, like every other tipster online, I want to show you what my members, who are just regular punters like you, have to say about my service. 


What My Members Say...


“This guy has virtually paid my mortgage off!”

~ Mike D, Elite Ratings System subscriber


“I am around £1500 in profit this month already.”

~ Roy M, Elite Ratings System subscriber


“Best tipster I have seen on the net.”

~ Matthew Owen, Elite Ratings System subscriber 


“Winner after Winner after Winner.”

~ Noddy, Elite Ratings System subscriber


“I have paid for a holiday and a new kitchen!”

~ Ross, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"Excellent service, brilliant strike rate and great profits."

~ Ian, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"Betting phenomenon."

~ Liz, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"One of the best rated services on the market by a country mile."

~ Jamie, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"Best one that I have ever tried."

~ Jack P, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"10/10 for this system."

~ Simon, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"Will be following Elite Ratings System for many years."

~ Tony Bryan, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"I would definitely recommend."

~ Alan Fahy, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"Top notch service."

~ Mike Dobie, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"Love it!! Winners galore."

~ Richard, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"I thoroughly recommend this service."

~ Marcus Sims, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"The results that it comes up with day in day out are impeccable and have made me a fortune."

~ George, Elite Ratings System subscriber


"I have bought a 50" TV with the winnings."

~ Craig, Elite Ratings System subscriber


My name is Stuart Oakley and the first thing you should know about me is... I am not a professional gambler.

And I'm not part of a gambling syndicate with insider contacts either.

I’m just an ordinary forty-something year old guy. (A chef by trade.)

But in my daily battle with the bookmaker I come out on top.

And I owe it all to one thing…


My Secret Weapon Is My Unique Software That Acts Like A Crystal Ball…

Telling Me Tomorrow’s Winners Today!


Let me explain...

After being a losing punter for almost 20 years I realised something had to change.

I was tired of continually topping up my bookmaker accounts... tired of the pressue to give up betting from my family... tired of my friends asking how the horses were treating me with a knowing smirk on their face.

So I took a small break from betting and took stock of the situation.

And I came to a conclusion.

My human brain just couldn’t effectively consider all the variables at play in a horse race.

Only a machine could do that.

And I realised if I wanted to become a winning punter I had to start using software.

So I consumed everything I could regarding horse racing ratings.

Books, articles, interviews with professionals... you name it.

And after a long, long process of trial and error I began realise what worked and what didn't.

I learnt which factors I could ignore and which factors I had to weigh up heavily.

By the end of this arduous process I had developed my own set of ratings software for horse racing.

In a nutshell...


My Software Crunches All The Data For The Day’s Racing And Gives Me A List Of The Horses Most Likely To Win


It uses scientific techniques to study the days racing.

I’m able to run any particular betting opportunity through a multitude of possible scenarios created by mathematical formulas.

The amount of data it checks would take a person the whole day to go through.

But my software does it in minutes!

And armed with this new tool I began to see a drastic change in my betting fortunes.

I was beginning to make a consistent profit.

In fact...


I Began To Average 30 Points Profit A Month


After all the years of failure I was finally making a nice second income from betting.

And today I want to give you the chance to benefit from my very profitable bets too.

A lot of punters have asked me over the years why I would bother.

Why not just use my tips myself and make money?

My answer to that is... I do!

I place my bets before I email my subscribers the tips, so it really has no effect on me at all.

And obviously the main advantage is I can make a bit of extra cash.

Plus, I get to help other punters and I genuinely really enjoy receiving testimonials from happy members.

For me it really is win-win.

Unlike most tipsters I didn't want to just throw up a website and claim I could make punters a fortune.

Where's the proof in that?

I decided I wanted to do things differently.

So I approached Tipster Supermarket.

A well known publisher of tipsters online who insist all services proof themselves live on their blog in front of their community of 10,000 punters. 



I Tested My Tips Live For 90 Days In Front Of A Live Betting Community Of 10,000 Punters.


This was the deal…

I would crank up my software the evening before racing and it would tell me which horses were most likely to win the next day.

There’s usually a list of around eight horses.

I would then post these selections the night before racing with guidance on where to find the best prices.

I have to admit it was quite nerve wracking.

I was really putting my ratings (and myself) in the spotlight.

Had I been over confident?

Could my ratings make a profit in the real world when a large punting community was watching my every move?

I’m not ashamed to admit I was quite nervous.

But I should have had more faith… 


My Tips Pulled In £1692.10 Profit To £10 Unit Stakes In Just 90 Days


Yep 169.21 points of pure profit.

That’s £3,384.20 to those that back with £20 stakes.

All in just 3 months!

My confidence in my ratings had been vindicated.

I had provided my band of followers an excellent second income.

We had some great winning days together...

Take March 27th for example, my software crunched all the numbers and told me there were five bets that day… 


March 27th - 4 winners from 5 selections

2:40 Wolverhampton – Spes Nostra – WON (advised at 7/4) 

3:05 Southwell – Keep It Dark – LOST 

3:40 Southwell – The Lock Master – WON (advised at 4/1) 

4:20 Wolverhampton – Captain Secret – WON (advised 3/1) 

7:35 Kempton – Passing Star – WON (advised 7/4)

A cracking, but not unexpected, day with 4 out of the 5 romping home, resulting in a very profitable day for me and my followers.

Here's another example...

January 15th - 3 winners from 5 selections.

1:10 Newcastle – Edmund – LOST (advised at 7/4)

1:40 Newcastle – Blake Dean – WON (advised at 9/4)

2.45 Newcastle – Tutcheck – WON (advised at 4/1)

2:35 Lingfield – Jazzy Lady – WON (advised at 3/1)

3:40 Lingfield – Volito – LOST (advised at 8/1)

Then just 3 days later...

 January 18th - 4 winners from 7 selections

2:05 Haydock – Zamady Man – WON (advised at 9/2)

2:40 Haydock – Ptit Zig – LOST (advised at evens)

2.25 Ascot – Minella Forfitness – LOST (advised at 8/1 EW)

3:35 Ascot – Sire De Grugy – WON (advised at 11/8)

4:05 Ascot – Champagne West – WON (advised at 15/8)

3:45 Lingfield – Luhaif – 2nd (advised at 25/1 EW)

4:15 Lingfield – Bountiful Sin – LOST (advised at 7/1)

Another example...

 February 3rd - 4 winners from 7 selections

2:00 Kempton – Welsh Sunrise – WON (advised at 15/8)

2:40 Wolverhampton – Waving – WON (advised at 6/4)

2.50 Southwell – Hopatina – LOST (advised at 4/1)

3:00 Kempton – The Young Master – WON (advised at 3/1)

3:10 Wolverhampton – Funky Cold Medina – LOST (advised at 3/1)

3:50 Southwell – Lodgican – LOST (advised 14/1 EW)

4.30 Kempton – Fearless Lad – WON (advised 8/1 EW)

And just two days later...

 February 5th - 4 winners from 7 selections

2:00 Lingfield – Pretty Bubbles – LOST (advised at 7/4)

2:20 Carlisle – Basford Ben – LOST (advised at 5/1)

2.40 Ludlow – Buywise – WON (advised at 5/2)

3:30 Carlisle – Alderbrook Lad – LOST (advised at 11/4)

4:00 Carlisle – Twoways – WON (advised at 9/2)

7:30 Kempton – Masterpaver – WON (advised at 5/2)

8:00 Kempton – Ex Ex – WON (advised at 9/4)

I could keep going but I think you get the message.

There are too many of these winning days to document them all here.

But I wanted to give you a snapshot for a reason.

To show that... 


My Profits Come From Consistent And Steady Winners. 
Not Fluky 50/1 Shots.


Some services out there claim fantastic profits.

But when you dig a little deeper you can often find that the majority of their profits come from a couple of lucky big odds winners.

Now I don’t know about you but I hate long losing runs.

It’s hands down the worst part of betting. You feel like you’re in a rut that you’ll never get out of.

It even makes you want to give up betting completely.

That’s why…


My Software Is Designed
To Minimise Long Losing Runs, As Such It Has A Strike Rate Of 27%


And don’t think I achieve this just by betting odds-on selections.

As you’ll see in a moment I bet all the way up to 28/1.

Sure there are some odds-on bets from time to time but I also back at juicier prices as well.

But the majority of the time I back each way over 8/1.

This allows me to keep my strike rate high and keep the profits steady and consistent.

Now the day-in-day-out racing is the bread and butter of my service.

But it doesn’t stop there…


The 2014 Cheltenham Festival Was Described As…

“A Bloodbath For Punters.”

But My Tips Pulled In Over 25 Points Clear Profit!


Highlights included...

11th March – Vatour – WON (advised at 9/2)

11th March – Holywell – WON (advised at 11/1)

12th March – Faugheen – WON (advised at 6/4)

12th March – Bayan – 3rd (advised at 12/1 EW)

12th March – Sire De Grugy – WON (advised at 10/3)

12th March – Balthazar King – WON (advised at 6/1)

13th March – Taquin De Seuil – WON (advised at 9/1)

13th March – Rajdhani Express – 3rd (advised at 25/1 EW)

14th March – Diakali – 4th (advised at 28/1 EW)

14th March – Flaxen Flare – 5th (advised 20/1 EW)

14th March – Don Ploi – WON (advised 12/1 EW)

Most punters walked away from the Festival with their tails between their legs.

And most “big name” tipsters failed miserably to turn a profit.

But my software was on form as always and it turned Cheltenham into a nice little earner for me and my followers.

And it didn’t stop there…


They Say It’s A Lottery But Not With My Software...

1st and 2nd
At The 2014 Grand National


My software predicted the first and second placed horses (advised at 28/1 and 18/1) from just 4 selections!

Do you remember the Sports Almanac from the Back To The Future movie?

Where the character had the future results of sports written down?

It really does feel like that sometimes.

It’s almost like having an unfair advantage.

And to prove it was no fluke…


A Week Later My Software Found 1 Selection For The Scottish Grand National…
Trustan Times – Advised EW at 14/1 – Finished 3rd


Whether it's just a regular day's racing or a Festival, my software has proved itself time and time again.

At the Cheltenham Festival in 2015 we had our biggest ever winning bet...


98 Points Profit In One Day At The 2015 Cheltenham Festival.


At the 2015 Cheltenham Festival I gave out a placepot everyday. 

The first two days were so close with five out of five in the first five races. 

Only to be let down in the final race. 

But on the 3rd day everything came together...


I gave out the following placepot...

1.30 PEACE AND CO (1st at 2/1)
2.05 QUICK JACK (3rd at 8/1)
2.40 NO MORE HEROES (3rd at 6/1) 
3.20 CONEYGREE (1st at 7/1)
4.00 PAINT THE CLOUDS (3rd at 11/4)
4.40 ROI DES FRANCS (3rd at 3/1)

The result was 98 points profit for members!


Then it began to feel like Groundhog Day...


For The Second Year Running I Selected The Winner Of The Grand National - Many Clouds Advised At 40/1!


Another massive win for members.

The pundits may call it a lottery but that's only because they haven't seen my software!

Unfortunately we couldn't quite get the hattrick...


More Profit At
The 2016 Grand National

3 Selections, 2 Places...

Gilgamboa 4th - advised Each Way at 50/1 (5 places)

Ucello Conti 6th - advised Each Way at 28/1 (6 places)


So whilst it wasn't the big one it was still another nice profit from the race they call a lottery.

As I said the big races and festival are fun but the day to day racing is my bread and butter.


Since January 2014 My Tips Have Pulled In Over 1000 Points Profit For My Members.


And that's by following by safe staking plan.

Not betting 10 points on this selection and 8 points on that.

My tips average £410.25 profit a month to £10 per unit stakes.

No wonder my service is rated as 5 stars by the popular Tipsters Review site…



What My Members Say…



My Tips Could Make You An Extra £410.25 Per Month To Just £10 Per Unit Stakes.


It’s a simple fact…

Over the past year my tips have averaged just over 40 points profit a month.

That’s a nice little £400 a month second income staking just £10 a point.

And that’s certainly useful when there are bills to pay.

£400 a month will go a long way towards the bills and other expenses.

Mike D. has used put the extra cash towards his mortgage payments…

Ross has used his winnings to buy a new kitchen and pay for a holiday…

Craig has bought a 50" tv with his winnings...

You can do whatever you like with your profits.

Point is, this works, and you will have profits to spend.

It’s works for me, it works for my followers and it will work for you.


Just Take 5 Minutes To Follow My Bets  And Set Yourself Up For At Least £400 Next Month


You’re probably not going to believe it when I tell you exactly what’s required of you to see these kinds of profits.

It’s a simple 3 step process…

Check your emails.

Place the exact bets I tell you.

Spend your winnings.

It really is that easy.

And I’m about to make it even easier for you…


I’ll Send You My Tips The Night Before Racing So You Will Have Plenty Of Time To Place Your Bets.


Look, I know from experience that waiting to receive the tips via email can be one of the biggest problems with tipster services.

Most people don’t have time whilst at work, or maybe aren’t even able to access the internet to find the selections and then place the bets.

Which is why I run my software the evening before racing and when it’s done its job I’ll immediately send you the selections.

That means you can place the bets at your leisure.

Whether that’s the night before racing or during the morning of the racing it’s up to you.

Do whichever fits best into your schedule.

I want to make this as easy for you as possible…


It's not complicated.

My software and I will do all the hard work. It picks the selections and I email them to you with the best prices available.

It's not time consuming.

All you have to do is read the email and place the bets. It'll take less than 5 minutes from beginning to end.

You won't be sat around waiting for my email.

I'll be emailing you the night before, so whatever time you get up for work my email will be waiting for you.


IMPORTANT: I'm Not Letting Just 'Anyone' Join This Service. 


I want to be completely honest and up front with you here.

This might sound strange but I don't let just 'anyone' join my service.

The fact of the matter is this service is not for everyone.

And the vast majority of online punters don't qualify.

Hopefully you do.

Elite Ratings System is not for you if you are stuck on the tipster service merry-go-round.

If you're the type that jumps from one service to another ad infinitum, continually signing up for the next big thing, then this is not for you.

These punters are the first to send abusive messages during the bad runs and I can do without that.

If you're the type of punter that will quit after having a couple of days without winners, then again this is not for you.

I'm only interested in punters that can take the long term view.

Those that know there will be the odd losing month.

We have strict betting bank and staking rules here and if you follow them you will be richly rewarded over the long term.

In fact many of my members have been with me since I launched, over 3 years ago.

The ONLY way to make money with a tipster is to find a reputable service that has a long history of profits and stick with it through the bad times.

In short...


I'm Only Interested In Punters That Are Investors Not Gamblers.


More and more punters are taking an investment approach to betting which is a great thing.

Setting aside a betting bank, following a sensible staking plan and worrying about the long term rather than the short term.

All the professional gamblers out there have this mindset which is why they win big.

Had a losing week? Doesn't matter. Had a losing month? Doesn't matter. As long as the staking is sensible and the betting bank safe you simply wait until the next avalanche of profits.

If you're the type of punter that wants to start taking things more professionally then you are a perfect fit for my service and we'll have a very profitable time together in the coming months and years.

So to recap, in a nutshell...


This Is NOT For You If...


You are looking to "get rich quick" (My advice; try the lottery).

You sign up to a different tipster service every week.

You expect to make a nice even profit week after week, month after month.


This Service IS For You If...


You understand betting is a long term game.

You realise betting can provide a great second income with a little bit of discipline.

You who can handle having a losing week and even a losing month.


Receive My Winning Bets For Just £29.95 A Month


That probably sounds like a crazy price for what I am offering.

A service that has averaged over £400 profit a month should really be more expensive.

But I wanted to set a price that was affordable to most punters and £1 a day seemed fair enough.

And that's not all.

In fact I have an even better offer for you if you decide to join today...


Buy 2 Months And Get A Third Month Absolutely FREE!


No, I haven’t gone completely bonkers!

I want to reward those that take the long term approach.


Here’s What To Do Now…


It’s easy to join.

Just click one of the links below and you’ll be taken to the order page.

Once signed up you’ll receive my bets everyday via email.


There Are 2 Payment Options...



Stuart Oakley
“Elite Ratings System”

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

Unlike most tipsters my profits aren’t pulled out of thin air.

I proofed my tips for over 90 days in front of a live audience of 10,000 punters at the popular Tipster Supermarket website.

By the end of the 90 days I had made me and my followers 169.21 points profit.

My service was the first ever to pass Tipster Supermarket’s gruelling trial (out of 30+ that have tried).

And since my service has gone live to the paying public, profits have continued to pour in... I have made my members over 1000 points profit!

If you want to join in the profits then simply choose one of the options below...

Elite Ratings System is published by Tipster Supermarket.

If you have any questions please contact us at: support@tipstersupermarket.com

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