What stage are you at?

By on January 20, 2017

Did you know that according to psychologists there are 4 stages to learning a new skill?


Stage 1: Called unconscious incompetence…

When you’re a complete novice you are blissfully unaware of just how little you know.


Stage 2: Called conscious incompetence…

You recognise your lack of knowledge and realise you need to begin educating yourself.


Stage 3: Called conscious competence…

After a big effort you’re pretty competent at the skill. But it takes a lot of concentration and hard work.


Stage 4: Called unconscious competence…

Carrying out the skill is like second nature.


These stages are true for pretty much every skill e.g. learning to drive, learning an instrument etc.

And in my opinion this includes betting as well.

Every punters’ goal should be unconscious competence.

This is where making your selections every day becomes second nature.

You know exactly what to look for when studying a race card.

It almost feels effortless.

Just imagine for a moment that this is your reality.

Feels great doesn’t it?

So how do you get there?

How does it become second nature?

I was thinking about this and I realised you need to have a specific methodology.

You can’t go about picking your selections haphazardly.

Let me explain…

There’s no way you can properly study the form of every horse in every race every day.

Basically you need to have a systematic way of narrowing down the races or the horses.

One way to do this is to specialise.

Let’s say you enjoy chases and decide to focus on that.

Suddenly you’ve cut down the number of races to look at to just a handful.

In time studying chases will become second nature and you’ll be at the fourth stage of learning.

I’m not going to pretend it’s easy.

But over time you will master it.

A great example of someone with a systematic way of narrowing down the races is our very own Denis from The Percentage Form Edge.

He has a two part methodology that narrows down the day’s racing to specific races and specific horses within those races.

And it works like gang busters!

In fact his methodology has been responsible for pulling in over 400 points profit over the past couple of years.

And it picks a remarkable number of big priced winners.

Yesterday was another fantastic day.

3 races played in and 2 winners…


It’s our most unique service and that’s why you can still trial it for just £1 here…


But be warned the £1 trial is closing soon so you’ll have to be quick.

Take care,
Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket

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