March Tipster Review (158.42 total profit!)

By on April 1, 2015

March was an absolutely stonking month for Tipster Supermarket.

All 3 of our premium tipsters pulled in a great profit.

In fact the cumulative profit across all three was 158.42 points!

Let’s have a look how each of them fared…


Elite Ratings System

Stuart from Elite Ratings System creamed it in March making a very impressive 78.42 points profit.

He’s now knocking on the door of 500 points profit since he started proofing with us back in January 2014.

Which I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty damn ridiculous!

He truly has proven himself as one of the most profitable tipsters online.

Get involved yourself for two weeks for just £1 here.


The Percentage Form Edge

Denis from The Percentage Form Edge ended with 45.83 points profit.

And that follows 58.02 points profit in February.

Which makes a grand total of 121.60 since it launched in 20th January!

(It could well be the most profitable service I’ve ever seen!)

March was a bit of a roller coaster ride for members.

But most importantly it was profitable and fun!

And it really shows the importance of…

1. A betting bank.
2. A sensible staking plan.

If you follow these 2 rules you’re much more likely to take the long term mindset and of course reap the rewards.

We had a couple of members quit midway through the month during a tough period but it meant they missed out of the almost 30 points of profits that Denis pulled in during the last 3 days.

I know you probably get sick of me constantly evangelising over the long term mindset.

But it really is the only way to make a decent income from betting.

And with Denis’ service that income could be considerable!

Try it yourself for two weeks for just £1 here.


Pro Racing Tips

Chris from Pro Racing Tips is in outstanding form.

He finished March with 34.17 points profit.

And that followed on from 42 points profit in February!

He’s now close to breaking the 300 point barrier. Which is an amazing achievement since he’s been with us less than a year!

The flat is where Chris really excels so now is the perfect time to get on board.

Reap the benefits from Chris’ tips for just £1 for 2 weeks here.


Which one is right for you?

All our services are different and they’ll be one that matches your style of betting perfectly…


If you just want a couple of bets a day then Chris from Pro Racing Tips is your man.

Try him for just £1 here.


If you like a little more action (say around 7 bets a day) then Elite Ratings System is for you.

Try him for just £1 here.


And finally if you like a lot of action then Denis from The Percentage Form Edge is definitely the one you’re after.

Try him for just £1 here.


Or you could of course try all three at once to see which one suits your style the best.

It will only cost you £3 to try them all for two whole weeks.

(If you want to cancel during that two weeks just shoot me an email and I’ll cancel your subscription immediately and you won’t be charged again.)

Take care,
Kris Jackman | Founder

P.S. I’m really pleased how things are going here at Tipster Supermarket.

There is so much dross out there in the online tipping world that I’m really glad my little experiment is paying off.

Proven tipsters delivering long term profits to happy members.

If you’re looking for a tipster then you really can’t go wrong with any of our services here at Tipster Supermarket.

They’re all a little different so there’s something for everyone.

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