Keith George is threatening to sue!

By on May 23, 2019

Well, well, well…

It seems my emails earlier this week ruffled Keith George’s feathers.

He sent me an email today with the subject line…

Impending legal action.

And the body of the email was just as ominous…

“I have passed on your emails to Carter-Ruck for there attention As advised by them I am to give you 24 hours to retract email and copy me in or we will be taking the appropriate legal steps.”

He won’t be getting an email retraction from me because I haven’t broken any laws but it’s nice to know he’s listening.

If any of you have tried his service please get back to me by replying to this email so I have a bit more fodder. (Good and bad experiences welcome).

Take care,
Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket

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