"Ex-Odds Compiler
Turned Professional Gambler Uses Methods He Learnt Working For"The Enemy" 
To Pull In Over 30 Points Profit A Month."


328.45 Points Profit Since September 2016


From the desk of JT,
RE: JT's Racing


Dear Friend,

If you're looking for a nice and stable second income from betting then this letter will show you how.

Here's the story...

My name is JT and before we start let me be completely upfront with you...

I didn't suddenly stumble upon a holy grail of betting.

I don't have flashy software that will make you thousands of pounds a week at the click of a button.

And I don't have insider contacts that will let you in on the next big gamble.

There are two main reasons for my success in making a full time income from


I Used To Be An Odds Compiler So I Know The Importance Of Value.

I started working in a small independent bookmakers in the mid to late 1970’s.

This was long before the internet and everything had to be done manually.

There were no fancy software programs, and information was hard to get a hold of.

The job back then took long, arduous hours and at times was a real pain in the ass.

But you know what?

I wouldn't change it for the world because it gave me an education in value that was second to none.

If I priced things up wrongly it could cost the company a lot of money.

And it could cost me my job!

Punters talk about value more and more these days.


Unless You Can Create Your Own Book For Each Race, And Prove Over Time That It's Accurate, You Can't Be Sure You're Getting A Value Bet.


It's all just guess work as far as I'm concerned.

I compile odds for every horse in every race that fits my criteria.

I then compare my odds with those available at the bookies.

If I can get a bigger price with the bookies then it's a bet!

I always remind punters that a selection that is 11/10 or 6/5 can be value if I
believe it should be 4/5 or worse.

There's also a second reason for my success... 


Owning Multiple Horses Over The Past Couple Of Decades Has Given Me Crucial Insight Into How Trainers Operate.



In my mind trainers are the most important players in the world of horse racing.

If you can get into the mind of a trainer you can really get a feel of how he or she

And this can give you a massive advantage.

Another benefit of being an owner is access to the paddock.

Being in the paddock with other owners and listening to jockey's instructions is very eye opening.

And all this info helps to make better betting decisions.

And today I want to give you the chance to benefit from my very profitable bets too.

Unlike most tipsters I didn't want to just throw up a website and claim I could make punters a fortune.

Where's the proof in that?

I decided I wanted to do things differently.

So I approached Tipster Supermarket.

A well known publisher of tipsters online who insist all services proof themselves live on their blog in front of their community of over 10,000 punters.


I Tested My Tips Live For 90 Days In Front Of A Live Betting Community Of 10,000 Punters.


This was the deal…

I would run through my selection process the evening before racing and come up with my bets for the next day.

This is usually just 2 or 3 bets.

I like to be selective!

I would then post these selections the night before racing with guidance on where to find the best prices.

I have to admit it was quite nerve wracking.

I was really putting my skills as an odds compiler in the spotlight.

Had I been over confident?

Could I still make a profit in the real world when a large punting community was watching my every move?

I’m not ashamed to admit I was quite nervous.

But I should have had more faith… 


My Tips Pulled In £1180.70 Profit To £10 Unit Stakes In Just 90 Days


Yep 118.07 points of pure profit.

That’s £2,361.40 to those that back with £20 stakes.

All in just 3 months!

My confidence in my ability to find value bets had been vindicated.

I had provided my band of followers an excellent second income.

And since becoming a paid service the profits have continued...


Since September 2016 My Service Has Pulled in 328.45 Points Profit.


With A Strike Rate of 35.6%


Since I began way back in September 2016 we've had some fantastic winning runs...

4 winners in a row - 7 times!

3 winners in a row - 14 times!

2 winners in a row - 35 times!


If You'd Like A Selective Service With Just 2-3 Bets A Day Then This
Is Perfect For You.


I believe in a quality over quantity approach.

I usually pick 2-3 bets a day.

On rare occasions I will find 4 value bets.

So this is perfect for you if you like to be selective with your betting also.


I’ll Send You My Tips The Night
Before Racing So You Will Have Plenty Of Time To Place Your Bets.


Look, I know from experience that waiting to receive the tips via email can be one of the biggest problems with tipster services.

Most people don’t have time whilst at work, or maybe aren’t even able to access the internet to find the selections and then place the bets.

I'll be sending you the tips the evening before racing.

That means you can place the bets at your leisure.

Whether that’s the night before racing or during the morning of the racing it’s up to you.

Do whichever fits best into your schedule.

I want to make this as easy for you as possible.


IMPORTANT: I'm Not Letting Just 'Anyone' Join This Service.


I want to be completely honest and up front with you here.

This might sound strange but I don't let just 'anyone' join my service.

The fact of the matter is this service is not for everyone.

And the vast majority of online punters don't qualify.

Hopefully you do.

JT's Racing is not for you if you are stuck on the tipster service merry-go-round.

If you're the type that jumps from one service to another ad infinitum, continually signing up for the next big thing, then this is not for you.

These punters are the first to send abusive messages during the bad runs and I can do without that.

If you're the type of punter that will quit after having a couple of days without
winners, then again this is not for you.

I'm only interested in punters that can take the long term view.

Those that know there will be the odd losing month.

We have strict betting bank and staking rules here and if you follow them you will be richly rewarded over the long term.

In fact many of my members have been with me since I launched many months ago.

The ONLY way to make money with a tipster is to find a reputable service that has a long history of profits and stick with it through the bad times.

In short...


I'm Only Interested In Punters That Are Investors Not Gamblers.


More and more punters are taking an investment approach to betting which is a great thing.

Setting aside a betting bank, following a sensible staking plan and worrying about the long term rather than the short term.

All the professional gamblers out there have this mindset which is why they win big.

Had a losing week? Doesn't matter. Had a losing month? Doesn't matter. As long as the staking is sensible and the betting bank safe you simply wait until the next avalanche of profits.

If you're the type of punter that wants to start taking things more professionally then you are a perfect fit for my service and we'll have a very profitable time together in the coming months and years.

So to recap, in a nutshell...


This Is NOT For You If...


You are looking to "get rich quick" (My advice; try the lottery).

You sign up to a different tipster service every week.

You expect to make a nice even profit week after week, month
after month.


This Service IS For You If...


You understand betting is a long term game.

You realise betting can provide a great second income with a little bit of discipline.

You who can handle having a losing week and even a losing month.


Receive My Winning Bets For Just £29.95 A Month


That probably sounds like a crazy price for what I am offering.

A service that has averaged over £300 profit a month should really be more

But I wanted to set a price that was affordable to most punters and £1 a day seemed fair enough.

And that's not all.

In fact I have an even better offer for you if you decide to join today...

Buy 2 Months And Get A Third Month Absolutely FREE!

No, I haven’t gone completely bonkers!

I want to reward those that take the long term approach.

So if you buy two months upfront I'll throw in a third absolutely free.

And that's not all.

I have an even better offer for you today...





Instead of paying for my tips upfront I'm willing to let you get the first two weeks of the service for just £1.

That's a saving of 97%!

For two weeks I'll email you the selections.

If you're unhappy for whatever reason, just shoot me an email within the first 14 days and I'll cancel your subscription and you will not be charged again.


Here's What To Do Now...


It’s easy to join.

Just click one of the links below and  you’ll be taken to the order page.

Once signed up you’ll receive my bets everyday via email.

For ease of use, the payments are recurring billing so you don't have to bother signing up again every month.

(Any time you want to cancel just shoot me an email and it will be actioned the very same day.)


There Are Two Payment Options...




To save you hassle the subscriptions are billed automatically.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply sending an email to our
support team at support@tipstersupermarket.com.

I look forward to sharing my profitable bets with you.



“JT's Racing”



JT's Racing is published by Tipster Supermarket

If you have any questions please contact us at: support@tipstersupermarket.com



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