I don’t think I’ll be backing any of Josephine Gordon’s rides for a while

By on July 24, 2019

Jockey Josephine Gordon caused a bit of a stir on Twitter on Monday evening.

I read comments like…

“And that is why I will never back Josephine Gordon, she’s useless.”

“@josephinegordo no wonder your getting no rides.”

“@josephinegordo as good as f*cking usual”

“Usual sh*te from Josephine Gordon, absolute muck!”

Usually I would accuse the Twitterati over overreacting but to be honest they had a point this time.

You see Josephine was riding big favourite Philipine Cobra at Windsor on Monday evening.

Apparently the word on the course was that connections were attending and betting big as the horse was due to go up in grade soon.

It was a shortie (6/4 SP) but was a NAP for a lot of people.

The result? It limped home, 5th of seven runners and was never travelling.

Now losers happen but this time there was a very real reason for its poor performance. 

It lost a shoe going to post!

But for some reason only known to her , Josephine didn’t mention it to the starter and so it didn’t get reshod or pulled from the race.

I heard connections weren’t too impressed and I can see why. I wonder if she’ll ever ride for them again?

I do also feel sorry for the punters who were let down.

Winning is hard enough without jockeys making these stupid decisions!

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Take care,
Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket