Has this gamble really been subject to 12 months planning?

By on May 21, 2019

Keith George, the self-proclaimed commission agent, is still bombarding my email inbox regarding his gambles.

I’m sure many of you are receiving his unsolicited emails as well.

This time he’s very excited about a horse that (in his words)…

“…has been subject to 12 months planning to land this particular race. We are expecting a double figure price and it will be a major gamble with connections hoping to bag thousands if we can get it all on. This horse believe me will pay for your summer holiday with change left over.”


Don’t get me wrong, I know commission agents do exist.

But their operations are usually shrouded in secrecy to prevent the masses from hearing about it.

If you were a commission agent who was selling the “gambles” to hundreds if not thousands of punters you would lose your status pretty damn quickly.

I can’t imagine connections would be too impressed by the price being ruined before they could get on robbing them of any value.

Now to be completely honest I have never proofed Keith’s results so maybe I’m doing him a disservice.

But I’m not willing to pay him £150 a month to find out!

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Kris Jackman | Founder Tipster Supermarket

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