Are you cursed when joining a new tipster?

By on September 4, 2014

Hands up…

Who thinks they’re cursed?

Who thinks they have the ability to give… THE KISS OF DEATH… to any new tipster service they join?

If you’ve ever thought that, you’re probably more right than you realise.

Not that you’re cursed of course.

Obviously you joining a particular tipster service can’t have any affect on the results going forward.

And yet…

The Majority Of Punters End Up Joining A Service
At The Beginning Of A Losing Run


And the reason is quite simple…

A tipster will spend a lot more on advertising just after a good spell, as he will have positive results to crow about.

You won’t see a tipster advertising with the line…


“My members and I have lost 30 points this month, sign up now!”


The advert is much more likely to be…


“My members and I have profited 30 points this month, sign up now!”


That means, more often than not, you’re joining a service at the end of a winning run.

And we all know what follows a winning run, right?

Exactly… A LOSING RUN!

This is why you can’t expect to sign up to a new tipster and be dazzled by winners straight away.

It’s more than likely the exact opposite will happen instead.

So how do you make it through this initial losing spell.

In my mind there are two key components…


Here’s How To Tough It Out
If You Happen To Join During A Losing Run


First off, it helps mentally when you understand the haphazard nature of profits.

I wrote a blog piece on that a while ago.

You can read it here…


Secondly, and this is the part most punters miss, it’s crucial to start with a small betting bank and small stakes.

Failure to adhere to this rule is probably the number one reason why punters fail to follow any tipster long term.

(Even if that tipster has proven to be profitable long term).

Most punters start with a bank that’s too big because they want to see a good return instantly.

And to see a good return you need to stake big which of course means you need a big betting bank.

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It probably doesn’t need saying but I’m going to say it anyway…

Every time you begin following a new tipster service or start using a new system you must set aside a betting bank for that particular service/system.

This is really gambling 101 but I know a lot of punters don’t actually do this.

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Your starting bank should always be small.

And by small I mean £200 max (in fact £100 is an even better amount).

This keeps your stakes low. Possibly even just £1.

But that means you won’t lose too much money should you join during a bad spell.

And the less money you lose the less likely you are to quit.

Having said that I’m sure you’re thinking…


“How am I supposed to make any money betting £1 a selection?”


And my answer is quite simply…

You’re not supposed to be making lots of money right off the bat.

The one goal of betting is to build your betting bank.

That’s it.

The goal isn’t to start taking home massive amounts of cash straight away.

(Quite simply because that is not possible).

Now, you may think this sounds boring.

But it’s the ONLY way to make a decent income from betting.

But this takes years of patience and building.

But I can assure you it’s certainly not boring.

Watching your betting banks grow, month after month, year after year, is very satisfying.

The end goal is to grow your betting bank to such a point that the stakes get uncomfortably big.

That is when you can start creaming off the profits.

And if you’ve got a nice portfolio this is when the big profits are made.

This is when you can basically be a professional.


Another mistake I often see punters make is trying to cover the subscription costs of a service with their profits.

If you’re trying to do that then you are almost certainly going to be starting with a betting bank that’s too large.

The subscription fees need to come out of something that is entirely separate from your betting banks.

Now I’m sure your next question is…


“How then do I afford to pay for all the subscription fees?”


I have 10+ tipster services in my portfolio (in addition to my own systems I run).

And when you total it up they cost me quite a hefty amount each month.

I pay for them by exploiting the bonuses that bookmakers give out to new and existing customers.

I spend half an hour to an hour a day doing exactly this and it more than covers all my subscription fees.

If you’re interested in doing this you can earn at least £1,000 a month too.

The best place to start is here.

It’s by far the best service out there for this type of thing, and it’s the same service I use.

To be honest I’d be lost without it.

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